Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nearing the end

I am so near the end of this wip I can almost taste it. And what is more, I think I have finally figured out the ending.
When I started,i thought I knew the ending, and then I thought -- hold on, it will work better this way.BUT I have found an even betterway IMHO for it to work. It means layering a few extra bits in, but hopefully it will be piognant and exciting at the same time.

When I am getting near the ending -- I keep thinking, but how can they NOT get together. Why would they NOT get together. What sort of choice would they have to make to make it impossible for them to get together? Then how to arrange the peices so they can in truth have a HEA.

Having roughed it out in my notebook, it is now up to me to write it.

Shall I explain about my notebook? It is a Moleskine, the sort that Bruce Chatwin and Ernest Hemingway used. VanGogh and Piccasso used the artist's version.So I figureI am in good company. I have a small Moleskine for my purse, but at the moment I am using the larger one my mother gave me for Christmas. It a bardboard bound covers with rounded corners, and an elastic closure. There is bookmark for marking where you are and the lines are ruled The paper is acid free. It comes in basic black, but it is handy to carry about and the pages don't tear out as with reporter notebooks.
When I get stuck on the computer, it is a wonderful feeling to sit down with the notebook and my fountain pen and watch the ink caressing the sheets of aper as the words flow out. I am not tempted to check the word count. I just write. Then when I transcribe it on to the computer, I feel virtuous as it always ends up being longer than I thought....

Other news: One of the Light Sussex seems determined to escape. She went AWOL again. And I can not discover how she got out, except there she was, pecking happily away on the other side of the fence. I have put another rock over the only possible hole, but it is a mystery to me. Unless she is jumping...

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Anonymous said...

Good luck finishing! I know you'll do great. I am in awe at how quickly you write! :)