Friday, April 01, 2005

Amazon and TLS

Kate Allan emailed to say that The Lady Soldier is now up on Estimated delivery date -- 1 June 2005.
It is both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. There are moments when it becomes horribly real. Most of the time I don't think about it or about other people reading the book and maybe hating it (or more hopefully loving it). Most of the time, I simply concentrate on the small picture rather than thinking about the potential for the larger one.
As I wrote a confident email back to Kate, the whole impact of the Newcastle Journal article hit me. People might read the article and might look up the book on Amazon. Also I suddenly realized that the magazine was probably in the more upmarket hotel rooms in Newcastle and Gateshead. It is that sort of magazine, the magazine you leaf through when you are in your hotel and want to see what is happening in the area. Hopefully some of those people will look up The Lady Soldier on Amazon and then pre-order it. I also hope that it alerts the local book selling community to the book and they order it as it is in part by a local author. One can always dream.
Now, however, I have to put aside dreams and concentrate on practicalities. I need to start writing this next wip. The heroine keeps changing, but I think she is now a 3 -- although she could be a 7. The reason she is not a 6 is that 6s childhood experience means they are abandoned by the father figure rather than the mother. Rose's mother has abandoned her and her father. 7 could work as she highly energetic, filling her life with lots of things and 7s childhood experience is a disconnect with the nuturing figure (ie a feeling of abandonment). 3s also have a disconnect and feel like they have to prove their worth -- it is their acts rather than them personally which have value.
The plot begins to take shape in my mind and in the rough notes. Complications and stakes as well as connections between disperate episodes so as to create a heightening of tension.

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