Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Over and off

The Romano British mystery has been sent to the agent -- complete with a longer synopsis and a copy of the Newcastle Journal article. In the end, I simply wanted it gone.
Yesterday, everything was conspiring against me. The washing machine broke (clogged drain -- culprit the middle one), the old computer had problems (culprit the youngest who changed the password and promptly forgot the new password -- result sniping and fighting from the other two) and then the photocopier at the Co-op jammed (culprit --the eldest as he tried to take photocopies of his Dungeons and Dragons book in preparation for friends coming over) In addition, the aga is running low and it appears we may have subsidence cause by an increased flow of water through the stream (insurance company sending out structural engineer on Monday). Oh and not forgetting the front tyre of the Laguna which has a slow leak in the valve.
All this and then the printer ran out of ink! Luckily I had a back up cartridge, but that one did not seem to be very good. The minor irritations just seemed to pile on and on.
Why when I am trying to get things accomplished do unexpected things happen?
Now, it is the stomach clenching wait. My only consolation is that I will have several weeks to wait before I can expect to hear back from this agent. And I do have a plan of where to next if she should not be enthusiastic. The point is that I feel the mss is now as good as it gets for my current state of mastery of the black art.
I now go into preliminary research mode for the regional saga. I have a fair idea of what I want to write about and the barest sketch of a plot. It is a big undertaking but it is the plot which is calling to me the most at the moment.
However, my heroine does not like her name. She wants to be called Rose. I have nothing against Rose but I had thought up another perfectly good name. Now whenever I think of the story, instead of Bess, I keep thinking Rose and I am not sure why save and except the whispering of the muse.
I had also decided in enneagram terms that she was a 2. She wants to be a 6. It does make more sense for her to be a 6, but I shall have to see how this changes the plot. Luckily my hero is happy with Robert and being a 3.
Today, though is HOUSE CLEANING. My long suffering husband has been making noises and it did suffer when I was busy with the Romano British. Ironing is good for plotting.


Kate Allan said...

And I thought I was having a frantic week... Hope order rights itself and fingers crossed on the agent.

Anonymous said...

Ow, sounds like the mid-to-end of the school Easter break to me... Sorry you're having so many hassles at once. Hope it all sorts itself out: and in the meantime, let your heroine run away with you. Even though I'm a planner rather than a pantster, I quite like it when my characters surprise me a little: usually makes the book better, too.