Thursday, March 24, 2005

Dealing with Agent Rs

The post this morning was not so welcome. It brought a rejection from another agent. At the bottom was scrawlled a note -- Every success with another agency!
So I suspect as they are one of the larger agencies and get 200-300 subs per week, they did not think it commerical enough to waste their time on.

It makes sending the full off to the first agent much easier. This way, she has it for as long as she wants. But I have also gone through and listed the agents who I will query IF she decides that she does not feel passionately enough about it. I want an agent who feels passionate about my work.

I also know another London agent is willing to look at my regional saga...once it is completed.

As luck would have it, the post also brought the Society of Author's The Author magazine. There was an article on the slush pile. It made for interesting reading. Some agents who are listed in the Writers and Artists Yearbook who are listed as no unsolicited material will actually accept unsol. Also, it would appear smaller agencies and new agencies are easier for authors to taken on by, partly becuase they need the work. Agents need to be hungry to grow their lists and some are not that hungry.

There was also an interesting article about the growth of independent publishers and how it might be easier for authors to hit the big time with an independent than with one of the big five. It has to do with marketing and the requirements of reprinting. Alistair McCall Smith is an author who has cause to feel grateful to his small publishing house. There is also a move by Waterstones to look beyond the catalogues of the big five. They want to find quality and sometimes it has been sadly lacking from the consensual approach of the big publishers. The most important thing for a publisher to have: enthusiasm and passion for a book. Without that the book will languish.

Fingers crossed I will find an agent and an editor who have the passion and enthusiasm for my Romano-British mystery.


Sela Carsen said...

Sorry about the R. (((Michelle))) I know you'll find that passionate agent you're looking for. You're too stubborn to stop searching!

Michelle Styles said...

Stubborn? That's me. It pays to be persistent. Anyway, some day, I hope I can say -- you had the opportunity, but you passed me by.

My fingers are firmly crossed that the other agent likes it. I like it. I think at long last, I have done some justice to the story.

Julie Cohen said...

Sorry about the R, Michelle. You will win through. And isn't it a brilliant feeling to have confidence in your work? It is well deserved and you will find the right agent for you.

Anna Louise Lucia said...

Sorry about the R, Michelle. But onwards and upwards!

Your confidence in your work is well deserved.