Thursday, March 17, 2005


I am currently in first stage of polishing. Now this has already been revised twice and I am starting to get tired of it. A good sign I think. It is less -- where can I add more, have I forgotten a bit than making sure everything squares up.
In case anyone has not noticed, I forget words when I am typing. Or rather, I think the words, but they fail to appear. Thus, after this round of revision, it is the paper round; the getting it proof read round because after my experience with TLS, I am not prepared to trust copy editors anymore.
So at the moment it is getting rid of small conversations that don't add much, expanding on description, elimanating repeated beats of actions and worrying that this whole thing does hang together and that the reader will not guess the villian of the piece too quickly.

Yesterday, I received from Kate Allan the final rendition of the cover. In ways I love it and am very proud of it and yet in others, it is not exactly what I had envisioned. Still it shows romance and adventure without being a bodice ripper -- so all is well, I suppose.

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