Monday, April 11, 2005

Nail biting time

On 29 march I posted the full off to the agent. On about 31 march I started checking the Post Office tracking system.
It had not been delivered, according to the PO computer. I check the next day and then the day after and the day after that. Still nothing.
All right, I thought, nothing to fear, she is probably on Easter Holiday or something. She'll be back on Monday. Schools are back on Monday.
So this morning I try again. Nothing.
I telephone the agent and get a recorded message. She is away from her office.
What to do now? The nice lady at the Post Office tracking place has told me I have to wait until 16 April before I can report it missing and they can investigate.
I get the idea that maybe just maybe the agent is using the mailing address as a blind and everythng is forwarded to somewhere in Cornwall (or the darkest Kent) and maybe they can't forward recorded delivery...I try telephoning again. After all, if the worst comes to the worst, it will be the secretary.
A real live person answers. Not the secretary, but the Agent.
She is very pleasant.
Yes, the typescript is there (received and signed for 31 March), but she has not had a chance to look at it yet. I explain my PO fears and the tracking system. She understands...I think.
So now I know she has it, and knows the name of it. She will read it eventually.
I hope I didn't sound too gormless and that she does love it when she reads it.
So now the worry that the PO has swallowed it is replaced by the other potentially bigger worry -- will she love enough to take me on?
I have to keep telling myself -- it is not something i can change. I did my best. It is in God's hands.
Funny, the thought does not stop me biting my nails.

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