Friday, April 08, 2005


The beginning of the new wip has to change. I have realized that it doesn't work for a number of reasons and more importantly I have realized why it doesn't work. I have also begun to get more of a handle on the ebb and flow of the story. What the important plot points are and when they should occur. I know the ending sequence. Now it becomes a simple matter of writing it, but I am pleased in a way to be beyond the phony writing stage and about to begin the real stage.
It is one of those -- it doesn't work this way, so I am going to try that way times. A true Thomas Edison moment.
Apparaently Thomas Edison said when he invented the light bulb that he hadfound 10,000 ways it did not work first. Sometimes, it is only through trying and failing that one can eventually succeed.
So now I know two ways this wip will not start and why it does not work that way. Hopefully the third attempt will allow me to press forward. Certainly the new idea has caused other ideas to come thick and fast.

In other news it is snowing here. At the moment one of the ducks -- a cross breed East India Runner and something else is sitting on a nest of eggs. She has been sitting for a little over two weeks. We know where she is, and are trying not to disturb her. It is about as safe as duck could get except if said duck was in the duck house. She is nesting under the nest box on the hen house.
Now with the snow and cold weather comes the worry that it will be too cold for the eggs to hatch. (Yes, I know we could get an incubator but that would mean actually getting serious about hatching eggs instead of letting nature take its course)
It would very pleasant to have ducklings, but if it doesn't happen, that's nature. Of course if it doesn't happen, I will have to deal with the rotten eggs. They will be bagged up and carried gingerly to the tip. I have no wish to risk the breaking of such an egg.

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