Thursday, April 21, 2005

Another day, another rejection

Today's post was not very welcomed. My full Roman mystery was returned by the agent.

In the end it boiled down to the fact that it was not to her taste. But she did think it was well written and I have delveoped some interesting characters.

The thing with agents is that they have to love the work and also see a definate commercial market for it.

So it is back to sending it out. Three more agents to query. Maybe I will eventually find someone who falls in love with it.

For right now I know I have spent enough time on it, and that I doubt I could get it any better. The time is better spent writing something new.

The only thing I have to lose is postage.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the R, Michelle. But if this is the book of your heart and you believe in it, keep going. (And good on you for starting on the next book, too - the other thing that publishers want to know is that you have more than one book in you!)