Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sent out again

Well, I did what I knew I had to do -- I have queried more agents. It is a good feeling to know that this mss is about as good as it is going to get and is simply a matter of sending back out again, rather than the stomach churning feeling of the fact that the story could be told better.

Whatever happens, it is a matter of keeping on, keeping on.

The thing about agents is that I want one who backs me 150%, who can see that I want to develop my career and who believes in my writing. And I have to keep on trying until I find that elusive person.

As I know from my Lady Soldier experience, agents can love a book but not see where it fits in the market. And an agent's pov is most definately not the same as an editor's or a publsiher's. Luckily John Hale saw where it could fit, and hopefully he will not be disappointed with its performance.
I looked The Lady Soldier up on AOL search and was surprised to see that a variety of online book stores with it listed were the first sites to come up. I have got used to the idea that it is on Amazon, but it is on sale elsewhere as well.

I received a letter today (as well the unwanted agent package) from Hale telling me the publication date (31 May 2005) and the fact that my 6 complimentary copies had been ordered from the warehouse. It is all getting rather close.


Julie Cohen said...

(((Michelle))) Sorry about the agent R, but you're doing the right thing sending it out to more places. Good luck, you!

Kate Allan said...

Alia iacta est.

Bonne Chance with your new queries.

I had the same letter from Hale today btw. But obviously we knew The Lady Soldier was out on 31st May... Guess it's just admin.