Monday, April 11, 2005

Humming along

There are times when I write and everything seems to hum. Words flow and I get my pages done much more quicklythan antcipated. today was one of those days. It is not the start I planned but it should work. It means the novel starts about two thirds the way through time-wise but the non-linear start should work.
In other words I know a lot more now that I did. I want to write this story but I want to write it well.

I have just finished reading Eileen Ramsay's Somewhere, Someday. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Now I shall have to find her other books to savour. I enjoyed how the two love stories were intertwined around each other. And the style did remind me a bit of Rosamunde Pilcher. It was a feel good story. A story which celebrated life and love.

However now the sunshine and the blue skies are calling. The blossom is in the air and the birds are singing. I have done my pages and so I can enjoy and indulge in gardening without feeling like I should be writing.

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Kate Allan said...

Good luck!