Saturday, April 23, 2011

Revisions and The Game of Thrones

First off I am busy with my revisions. My conversation with my editor on Thursday helped clarify matters and really set my mind turning over. She made several good suggestions. Part of the trouble with the old scenario is that to do it justice, the word count would have been too long. Word Count is important in series books. It is part of the economies of scale. I tend to be on the high end in any case.
So it involves re imagining things. Basically deciding I am a Banus (to use Diane Wynne Jones terminology from  Hexwood). A Banus is a type of a highly intelligent computer which runs various game playing scenarios with real people. The scenarios change until the Banus gets the desired outcome. Sometimes, it is not about changing motivations, but changing events if the characters are set. I shall have the illusion of keeping some things but basically have to write two new chapters. On the plus side, I do get to move the action to London.
I have figured out how to do so. Finally and why that triggers other things.

I have also managed to watch the first episode of The Game of Thrones. It is interesting to see Martin's influences. for example he cites George MacDonald Fraser author of the Flashmen series, and Bernard Cornwell as influences. My daughter originally thought it was George MacDonald who is one of my faves and heavily influenced Tolkien and CS Lewis and a host of others, but no I checked on Wikipedia. It was Fraser who wrote about the Border wars.  Martin is apparently heavily influenced by the War of the Roses and medieval history as opposed to Norse mythology. The problem is a bit like TremeGame of Thrones is difficult to follow precisely what is going on and who precisely is who.  Luckily they do use some of the fantasy land cliches -- for example, a woman wearing red is generally up to no good. Finding of small animals or eggs generally is a sign that they are symbolic and will bring good fortune if looked after. If you have a map, you can figure on going everywhere -- particularly to the remote places. Lots of sex, incest etc but that is to be expected with a HBO production. It is difficult to follow. However my teen aged children really enjoyed it and want to read the books as well.

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Donna Alward said...

We watched the first epi last night and liked it. Mouths hanging open at the end, so we're looking forward to the next epi.