Thursday, April 14, 2011

Border Collie adventures

Tess has managed to sprain her elbow. She started hobbling about and had to visit the vet. Tess decided that the vet who actually is the Border Collie loving vet was in  fact the Devil Incarnate and attempted to hide underneath the chairs in the waiting room. After extracting her, she deigned to have her leg looked at. The vet explained  she'd jumped wrong and would have to be kept quiet for a few days. A common occurance apparently. She has nothing in her paw. He gave her an injection. Tess then decided she had had enough and attempted to bolt of the vet's office, nearly tripping a cat carrying lady in the process.
Tess does not do quiet. She does life at double speed. Her greatest love is a game of fetch, preferably one which involves leaping. It is going to be a long few days...

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Caroline said...

Ohh poor Tess. Hope she better soon for all your sakes! Caroline x