Saturday, April 16, 2011

Computer woes

My normal computer is out of action for a little while. The fan went. It overheated and now there is a problem with the monitor staying on. A trip to the computer store got me the new fan. Only the same thing happened with the monitor when I returned home. SIGH. It is NOT just the fan.
Everything is backed up on the media drive -- auto back up EXCEPT do I know where the cable is to connect to this computer?
Luckily, I have been able to get hold of the full I sent my editor last week, so there are no worries there. Simple expeditent of forwarding my email to my editor back to myself and downloading that. My daughter will be able to access her history essay in the same fashion. To the children's relief I have finally caved and put Windows Office on the Acer.
I have several critiques to do. They were half done when disaster struck but I will get to them. I can access the bits that were sent! 
It will be good to get the thing sorted.


Ros said...

I cannot recommend Dropbox too highly. It works both as an automatic backup and also syncs files between different computers, if you sometimes work on a laptop and sometimes on a desktop, for instance. If you just use it for documents, the free 2GB storage is plenty, but if you use it for photos, videos etc. then you'll probably need one of the paid options. Even if all your computers blow up and your house burns down with your external drive in it, you will be able to access the latest versions of all your files on any other computer within minutes. Total peace of mind.

Chris Olesen said...

Oh, argh, Michelle! How frustrating, scary and disruptive! I worry about that sort of thing happening. I also have auto back up, but the drive is right under my laptop, so if disaster strikes, they both go. I have a MobleMe account and I've placed some files there, but files have to uploaded individually, you cannot upload a folder at a time. Tedious. I'm going to look into Dropbox. (thanks ros for the suggestion)
Hope your computer is soon fixed.