Monday, April 18, 2011

It might be the monitor

The computing saga continues...I managed to run a diagonostic report and everything passes according to my Norton 360. Everything is fine except the screen goes black when the account user notication comes on. And then continues to be black. The computer itself seems to work fine. I kept it on to se if it would automatically shut down etc.  You can switch the monitor off and on and get about 5 seconds. My daughter and I used that time to transfer various files to the external hard drive. Her A level coursework is now accessible!
So this morning will be taken up with another trip to the technicians and I will hopefully get it sorted!

I have started my next wip as I wait for my editor's verdict on the current one. It is something that I feel very excited about. I just prefer working on my big machine. For one thing, it has my music on with various playlists. Equally my daughter keeps telling me that the Acer netbook is really hers...umm no not precisely. It will be returned to her once my computer screen is back...

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Nell Dixon said...

Hope it's all fixed soon