Thursday, April 07, 2011

Wasting Away

Over the past two days, I have had two separate and very dear people comment that I am wasting away. I beg to differ. I am sweating away. And it is NOT finished yet, despite the temptation of cake, crisps and other high calorie food as I wrestle this manuscription into submission.
Have I said lately how much I do love my characters? And how good I think this story is going to be?  I did get to the end yesterday. This is the fun bit! And I pray that my editor (and eventually my readers) will love it as much as I do... The new method does seem to be paying off, although it seemed very frustrating at the beginning.
Last week in reshaping my bottom line, it became clear that I could no longer ignore my top half. My weeks of doing arm circles and oblique stretch exercises had caused a realignment.  Plus I needed a sports bra with proper support... My bra has gone from a 40DD to a 34E. Thankfully my modiste is Rigby and Pellar trained and knows how to measure properly. Apparently I suffer from the same problem as my daughter -- small back with a sizeable frontage. Who knew?  It may be that the proper fit has resulted in my waist looking smaller as well. I do know that exercising in a properly fitting sports bra makes a lot of difference.
So if you have lost weight recently (particularly through doing Jillian Michaels), I would urge you to get your bras checked by someone who knows what she is doing. Bras should not cut into breast tissue. And the right underpinnings can really help.


Liz Fielding said...

Congratulations on conquering the weight, Michelle. I've had a very bad winter and today swore off bread. Unfortunately I forgot and ate two - or maybe three - biscuits. I just don't have the brain for a diet!

Caroline said...

Great news on the wasting away - or should that be "waisting away" ;). Keep up the good work - and congrats on finishing the MS. Caroline x

Serenity said...

Congrats on finishing the book, and on losing all that weight, wow! Big boobs are a problem. Trying to hoik them up can make the bra straps dig into the shoulders. And it makes the back ache. Men have no idea. :)