Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Typing with cats

Heathcliff has decided that he is an edit-cat today. I am forgiven for having dared to go away. Apparently while I was gone, he went and sat on my husband's knee!
Mostly as you can see, he climbs up and leans back against me. But occassionally I can get him to go into the top desk drawer. He got in trouble yesterday when he tried to sharpen his claws on my contract for Valeria and Piso. The contract is about to be posted... But he has decided that he needs attention.
The revisions are basically done but I need to do another read through and make sure that everything is as sharp as I want it to be. I want Robert and Henri's story to be excellent.


Nicole said...

my cat likes drawers too! I put pet pics on my blog a couple of days ago and one is of Griffin sleeping in my gym drawer (you'd think the smell would put her off ;p)

Donna Alward said...

Oh my. Your pics look very much like someone else I know (aka The Very.Bad.Cat).

Trouble with a capital T!