Friday, August 20, 2010

Head of the Litter Box Santitation Department

Heathcliff in a cake box
My mother sent me a t-shirt Litter Box Sanitation Specialists local 429. There is also a black silhouette of a cat sitting on a litter tray. No guesses who is in charge of poop scooping in this house.
I decided a long time ago that it was far easier to do myself than waste my breath assigning the task to the children. The children are better now and they will empty the trays if they notice. Operative word -- notice.

Heathcliff and Mr Darcy are clean cats and they require clean trays.  Because I like the pine scent, I use the compressed wood pellets. It is just easier to deal with.

We are not going to talk about dog accidents. Both children gained gold stars today as they successfully dealt with one while I was away having my eyes checked. Poor Hardy ate something that disagreed with him (my personal bet is rotten duck egg) and his stomach has been poorly. He is on the mend now and is as bouncy as ever...He is just spending more time in the kitchen and outside as it is easier to clean up...Here's hoping that he learns to stay away from duck eggs...

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Caroline said...

Ewww a rotten duck egg sounds yuk! Rather you than me. My dogs seem to want to eat grass all the time - I shall not complain now though! LOL Caroline x