Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Back from the RWA

I am back! My updates etc are on the Pink Heart Society.
I had a marvellous time.
For me, conference was all about meeting people. I loved meeting so many people that I had corresponded with. Everyone seemed to be pretty much as I pictured them.
The Hussies were great. I was so impressed with Blythe Gifford and her glasses as jewelery approach. She also wears turquoise and has this marvellous zest for life combined with a totally practical business like approach. Blythe and Julia Justiss have been to so many conferences and it was a joy and priviledge to sit next to them at the Rita ceremony, not the least to hear about past conferences as pictures flashed up on the screen.
I loved the literacy signing -- feeling part of a huge event and the sitting next to some very nice authors from new author for a small press AT Stratton (Anne) to Blaze superstar Cara Summers and new superromance Liz Tailey. I loved meeting May from Mostly Romance in Taiwan. She gave me the most marvellous totebag that folds up into a strawberry.
Then there was the Harlequin party. It was truly legendary. The music. The company. Seeing Kim Young dance in red shoes. (I was pleased to learn that she was in flats the next day) as I was in awe. I doubt I could have taken three steps with out falling over, let alone dance the way she did.
Seeing Carole Mortimer get her plaque was a highlight. Later, she had some friends around for champagne and it was great to get to know Jenny Hutton better. I was able to listen as she explained to Presents author Kate Hewitt about what they were doing with Presents. The upcoming Wolf continuity sounds GREAT! I also know that I am profoundly grateful that Historical isn't like that (but then I always had difficulty colouring within the lines!)
The breakfast with the Harlequin Hussies was so much fun. It was great to meet some of my favourite authors and to finally see what they looked like!
I could go on and on. Very inspirational.
My favourite workshops were the Harlequin Digital workshop on the Wednesday (they are repeating it next year for Harlequin authors -- a must go!), the Susan Elizabeth Philips on the 6 magic words (I need to read her) and Donald Maas who not only made me think but showed me how one conducts a workshop of that nature.
Even though it was terrifying, I'm glad I pitched to an agent. I now have to revise the full of my paranormal. The agent was very helpful in giving me the difference between paranormal romance and urban fantasy -- if there is a HEA, it is a romance. That is fine.
My editor who does indeed walk on water sent back a few more tweaks to my latest so those need to be done. I promised her that she would get them by Friday. Unfortunately my husband and daughter refused to email me the manuscript so I am starting them today. I might not be around that much until these are done.
I did start the Sinai one and you know when you can feel that something is just going to be good...


Caroline said...

So glad you had a great time. and thanks for sharing! Caroline

Jackie Ashenden said...

Yes, double thanks. Sounds like a fantastic time, Michelle. So wish I could go. One day I guess.

Kate Hardy said...

Welcome home - glad you had such a good time!

Nicola Cornick said...

It sounds fantastic, Michelle! I'm so pleased you had such a good time. Your pleasure in the experience is evident from the blog post! I was very sorry to miss RWA this year but you have made it come alive for me - almost as good as being there!

Michelle Styles said...

Nicola -- your picture appeared pn the screen during the Rita ceremony. Julia Justiss pointed it out and sure enough, there you were!
Kate H -- you MUST go!!!

Caroline and Jackie -- hope you too can go one day.