Monday, August 09, 2010

RWA workshops -- SEP's 6 Magic Words

I will admit to never having read Susan Elizabeth Phillips. This is a failing of mine that I intend to remedy. SEP's workshop really impressed. There is a handout for this workshop, but it is not taped. Despite the early hour of the morning, the workshop was packed and there are reasons why it was packed.
The handout is good but SEP in person is even better. Anyone who can quote Aerosmith that early gets my vote.
Her motto is Dare to Suck.
The 6 Magic Words to creating a Bestseller -- Keep the Reader in the Story.
Simple to say but hard to do.
Basically you are trying to create a compelling read, not a perfect one.
Her process sounds as chaotic as mine so I thought her idea of reading scenes after the first draft is completed to check on emotional growth was a good one. First read the heroine scenes, then the hero's. Finally read for the progress of the relationship.
Write to your strengths, and not just to the market. And remember it is what works for you, not what works for anyone else.
It is really all about keeping the reader in the story and creating compelling characters.
Unfortunately, I was exhausted by the end of the day and did not attend the Secrets of the BestSelling Sisterhood with JAK and SEP. I suspect it was wonderful.

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Nell Dixon said...

I've only read one SEP and maybe I was unlucky but it didn't work for me. Loved the writing and the characters but the plot didn't. I keep meaning to try another one just to see.