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Current Release
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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Mole 13 Me 0

The title says it all. My daughter has pointed out to me that I am being outsmarted by a rodent who does not have a university degree.
A resetting of traps and this time, I have tried to make sure the traps can be easily sprung. My final trap is at a conjunction three tunnels. I live in hope.

Thus far the poltergeist appears to have given up electrics tricks. I have hidden the remote controls for the cd player in the kitchen as a few years ago the cats had taken to turning it on in the middle of the night. I am still attempting to figure out how they did it. They liked a certain jazz station (neither my husband or I could ever quite figure out how they got it to this one station)...But if we do have a poltergeist, I am do not want to give it the opportunity.

I also made a cherry almond cake as we are drowning in eggs. 15 duck eggs this morning...the only problem is that once I get accustom to the eggs -- the ducks will either start laying in strange places in the garden, build nests and have duckings or stop laying altogether. But I will enjoy the surfeit while I can.

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Natasha Oakley said...

The trouble with moles is that they have made a lifelong study of battle tactics whereas we've had other things to think about.

Cherry almond cake sounds nice. I've just made Amy Willcock's Lemon Squares from her 'Aga Baking' book .. Must try not to eat any!