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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Twilight and my daughter

Right I am currently about a third of the way through Eclipse. I can totally see why India Grey's 14 year old daughter loves Edward. Knowing India's heroes, I can suspect her daughter has a tendency towards the same type of men as India. I also totally agree with her daughter that seeing the film with Robert Pattinson would be ridiculous and would ruin the books for me. Edward looks somewhat different in my mind's eye. Equally the girl playing Bella.
Edward is definitely a nurturing alpha hero, defintely in the presents mould, despite being a vampire. I feel sorry for him though as sometimes Bella does seem a bit too stupid to live, particularly as she grew up looking after her mother and spends time looking after her father who can't cook. I am grateful that she does live and am looking forward to getting some plot points solved.
I keep having this half of me which really enjoys the books and the other half muttering about pace, lack internal conflict and growth. My daughter currently refuses to speak to me about the books as she interprets it as I do not like the books. The fact that I am reading them shows I like the books. If I was 14/15/16, I would be in love with Edward. Edward is the main reason for reading the books.
My daughter is currently a fanatic and thus has no sense of proportion. She disliked that I pointed out that saying Wuthering Heights happened at the turn of the century England would mean readers might consider it to have happened at the turn of the 20th century, rather than during the Regency period. Wuthering Heights was published in 1847 but starts in 1801. It was minor point and pulled me out of the story. I blame the copy editor, rather than the author for not having it clearer as Myers does know the story.
My daughter however is continuing to work on her French and despite the odd outburst at me not to discuss the books... is very pleasant.

I am also redoing my website and hope to have the changes done before 1 March. However, I suspect that my critque partners will be cracking their whips if I do not get writing.

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India said...

Daughters. There's no pleasing them, so, having established that I think I'm going to read Twilight too.

(She will NEVER forgive me if I fall in love with Edward.)