Monday, February 02, 2009

Mt Molehill

We have snow -- about a foot. I had assumed the mole would be quiet. But no, Mt Molehill had just broken through the snow...The children think this is funny.

The children are also pleased -- no school and they will be going sledding. One of the Christmas presents was a sled, with brakes.

It will take a lot more snow though to equal the winters here in the 60s. Apparently people were cut off for weeks on end. Currently the traffic is flowing. But blizzard conditions have returned and I am pleased not to have to go out.

The traps will have to wait until the snow clears. However, based on the Mt Molehill evidence, I suspect the mole has not been caught.

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Natasha Oakley said...

LOL I'm with your children! Perhaps you'd better curl up in front of a fire with 'Wind in the Willows' and maybe you won't feel so bad about your mole?!?!