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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The right to kiss at railway stations

Mills & Boon is leading the charge to get Warrington railway station to rescind its kissing ban.
There is a facebook group you can join.
What a silly fatuous way to spend money -- putting up no kissing signs in a railway station. The Telegraph was quite right to highlight it in an article. It is not lighthearted but an attempt to erode liberty. A Dolores Umbridge (the nasty bureaucrat from Harry Potter) moment for Warrington and Virgin Trains.
Think about it -- how many times have you picked your husband/partner up and given them a kiss? The open arms? The joyous expression of welcome?
Or at the other end of the spectrum, when you are saying goodbye and you do not know when you will next see them?
Long live kissing at railway stations, airports and ferries!


Donna Alward said...

This is ridiculous. Think of all the other transit systems that promote it with their "Kiss and Ride" signs!

For Pete's sake. You'd think delays would be accounted for by heavy volume and they'd address THAT problem, not the time it takes someone to kiss goodbye.

Jen Black said...

I think its on behalf of Taxi drivers who have to wait half and hour while their passengers have a leisurley snog while they wait to be paid!

Kate Hardy said...

My colours are firmly nailed to the mast of the kissers.

Jen, if it's for the taxi drivers and they want to keep it light, then why not a sign in keeping with the old seaside traditions: "Kiss me quick - and keep your taxi driver moving" or something? "No Kissing" is too Orwellian for me!