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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Duck rescue

Last night, my youngest came rushing in, calling for my help. A duck had got his foot stuck between two rocks.
Grumbling , I grabbed a torch. Ducks are late night party animals and will not go to bed until it is nearly dark. Hens are far more sensible. I did think my youngest was over reacting as how can a duck get stuck?
One of the Drones club had manged to get his foot stuck in a gap in the retaining wall near the duck houses. I do not know how he did it. He was standing on the path quacking and looking forlorn, doing yoga. The rocks in the wall refused to budge. The foot would not move either. If left there, the duck would freeze or become fox bait.
I had to gently ease the foot out, while all the while the drake is flapping its wings. Thankfully, it did not lose the foot. There was some bleeding but it appeared superficial. The duck gave a mournful quack as I put him in the least populated duck house.
This morning the duck limps but lives.
Hopefully it will not try yoga again.

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Avi J said...

Oh my that is such a funny way to put it.