Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Do I have bees?

The whole question of whether or not the bees have made it through the winter is currently vexing me. My husband even casually mentioned that perhaps I should consider reading the latest missive from British Beekeepers Association about what to do in the early spring. He suggested going to look at the hives. I looked. However, there is snow on the ground. Unlike moles, when the weather is cold, bees clump together and hibernate.
But I do worry. Part of this worry is because I did not put mouse guards on before I left for Sorrento in the autumn and by the time I had returned, the weather had gone cold and the mice would be hibernating. I did not dare check to see as the weather was too cold...and so on. Mice like to eat honey and hives make perfect hibernating places. This is the first time that I have not put mouse guards on. SIGH.
The winter aconite is in flower as is the hazel tree. There should be plenty of pollen and such like for them. The one good thing about the garden is that we do have year round flowers.
My husband said that he saw the starling looking interested in the hole in the wall where it had chicks last year. Spring will be here before I know it, and I will have my answer about the bees.


Carol Townend said...

I really hope the bees have survived. For one thing they make the best honey! And we all need bees.
All best

Unknown said...

Fingers crossed for the bees here too. (Although would it be really awful to confess to giving a tiny 'ahhh' at the thought of a mouse curled up in the hive with a whole winter larder full of honey?)

(Actually, on second thoughts, Carol's right. If it means less of your fabulous honey for human consumption, strike that last thought...)

Anonymous said...

I hope you have bees.

Unknown said...

fingers crossed

Donna Alward said...

Not only bees, but it appears you have birds too. :-)