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Current Release
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lavender snow

Today the snow melts, but last night my husband and I went for a walk at dusk. The sun was setting and turned the snow a mixture of rose and violet. I was reminded of the old painting adage that white is never truly white. Hopefully the photo shows some of the quality of light.


Donna Alward said...

What a gorgeous picture!

It is snowing like mad here right now.

*dodges whip and darts out again*

Kate Hardy said...

That's fabulous, Michelle - thanks so much for sharing.

(And very inspiring for my Norway book, as all our snow has melted... and touch wood will stay that way.

carolwarham said...

Very beautiful, thanks for sharing it.

India said...

Oooohhh-- just gorgeous. And well done you for remembering to take a camera! (I never, ever do...)

Michelle Styles said...

I only remembered because my husband nagged me. But then I was very pleased that I had the camera.