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Current Release
The Warrior's Viking Bride

Thursday, February 19, 2009

PHS, guilty secrets and gardening

First of all, my post about Josh Groban is up at the Pink Heart Society. It is also the first time I have attempted to use youtube embedded. So I took on faith Donna Alward's instructions and they worked. An other reason to love my critique partner. Just to prove I can do it. This Josh Groban song Anthem from Chess really helped me get through the revisions of the Viking.

I have also discover that there is a survey about guilty reading secrets being conducted for world book day. I was honest and did admit that I do sometimes read the ending before finishing the book... But I have never claimed to read a book that I haven't and I have never written in library book, not even when I was little. They also ask which author/books are most enjoyable. No prizes for guessing that one of my choices was Mills & Boon. You can take the survey here.

Yesterday, it was a call to arms. Some people like Kate Hardy take their children to London for the day. We, on the other hand, used our children as unpaid slave labour and started to clean the garden. A good time was had by all, once they actually stopped complaining and started cutting down ivy and moving branches. There is something very therapeutic about moving lots of junk and trimming hedges. The children though beg to differ, particularly when sitting on their bottoms watching television.

Both beehives survived and bees were seen taking in pollen. The hazel is currently in flower as are the winter aconites, snowdrops and some crocus.

We also now possess an uber bird feeder with a cage around the peanuts. My husband and youngest are hoping this will prevent the jackdaws from nicking them all. At the moment, we do not suffer from grey squirrels. The reds did unfortunately leave the area a few years ago...

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India said...

Your children rock.

Do you hire them out? I'd pay for both the labour and the good example...