Saturday, January 31, 2009


None of my family is buying my explanation of a poltergeist/ghost with regards to the ongoing electric problem. My husband is convinced that the electrician was simply lazy. The children roll their eyes where once they would have believed without question.
According to the electrician who showed up yesterday afternoon, the cable was too long and that was why the earthing wire touched the live wire. Surely that would have been obvious when he put up the lamp not two weeks ago? It is most perplexing (and frightening). Before this problem started in early December, the lights had been up for 8 years without incident. The electrician has no explanation as to why the wires should have suddenly burnt through... At the moment, we seem to be calling them out to deal with the problem on a nearly weekly basis. The firm is highly reputable. Fingers crossed. But the whole thing is odd.
The children have also been told to stop being rogue elephants when they walk up and down the upstair corridor...

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Nicola Cornick said...

I favour your poltergeist explanation, Michelle. it's much more interesting than anything else. And as someone who lived in a haunted cottage for seven years I can confirm that some ghosts have an affinity with electricity. Ours would turn the lights on and off and loved the CD player!