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Current Release
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mole update

Or why the back lawn is looking like a model of the Somme. I did try to phone the mole catcher. He did not return my phone calls. I have now turned to mole traps after doing research online.
My traps are currently curing in the compost heap so that they can have the proper earthy smell. They need to smell like the earth. Moles are known to dig around traps...
On Saturday, I will find the mole run, put the set trap in, and carefully cover over the trap. Then I wait, having marked the trap with a stick. You apparently can lose traps. Also it takes practice. I am hoping to catch the mole alive and be able to give him a happy home, somewhere a long ways away from the back lawn. If the mole dies, then unfortunately it has happened.

After doing the research, I discovered that vibration does not work, nor does pouring Jeyes fluid down the holes or a host of other methods. The best answer is to trap them. Then you know. You want more than one trap. Persistence.

And I need to discover a duck's nest as the white duck was out again last night. No quacking until about 7, but it was still out of the duck house in the morning.

Revisions are coming on. It is little tweaks to increase emotional intensity.


Nell Dixon said...

Have you ever seen the Jasper Carrot skit he does when he talks about when he had moles in his garden? Priceless! And now I have an earworm because I keep wanting to sing 'Iam a mole and I live in an hole' rofl

Nell Dixon said...

Here's the link - enjoy!

Judy Jarvie said...

Best of luck with the revisions...and the trickier problem of Mr Mole (does he have a nickname?)

your sister said...

Small confession. My favorite bits on your blog are when you write about the moles, the ducks or the bees. I like how you write with such humor yet with the truth too.