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Friday, January 09, 2009

Whip cracking

Both of my critique partners have cracked their whips, so this will be short.

I have discovered the Mira blog where they will be discussing books on Fridays. Five books, five Fridays. One of the things I did last year was to help set up a reading group at the local high school and Mills & Boon were very supportive. They very kindly sent out a few copies of Maria V Snyder's Poison Study. After reading it, I became a firm fan as has my daughter and a number of Year 9 boys. Anyway, the discussion about Poison Study on the Mira blog will be next Friday. It is one of those books that after reading, you just want to discuss. Snyder plays around with a number of themes. And my daughter keeps reminding me that Fire Study is published on the 16th and we are waiting to see how various things such as the carved stones play into the overarching story. Also the contrasting societies which explores the whole concept of freedom and totalitarianism. It reminds me of Persian Empire v the Greek democracies -- where were people more truly free?


Biddy said...

Ooo I love those books! Thanks for reminding me about 'Fire Study'.

Anonymous said...

Must read those, they sound my sort of thing.

Now back to work! As will I, you forgot to mention you've returned the favour when it comes to whip-cracking, lol

Sue (whip in hand)

Donna Alward said...

Michelle has been RUTHLESS with her whip, Sue! I managed over 10k this week because of it.

And yet there are no new chapters in MY inbox...