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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Harlequin is 60

This year it is Harlequin's turn to celebrate!
Celebrations include the opportunity to download 16 free books. This opportunity may be limited to North American readers only. But it will include one book from each line. (None of mine though) The ones I have heard about are excellent choices.
There will be an exhibit of front covers at the end of May in New York.
There will also be reprints of the first series books by best selling authors. This should be a highly collectable series.
A variety of lines are planning special things as well.
IN other news, I would like to congratulate Kate Hardy, India Grey, Jessica Hart and Fiona Harper for making the shortlist of the RNA Romance.
And Mills & Boon's tie up with English Rugby made the front page of the Guardian newspaper. My dh came up after Newsnight, and woke me up with the news. It looks to be a wonderful continuity based around rugby and attempts to tap into the female rugby following. Having played rugby at university and indeed married a man that I met through the rugby scene, I do have a fondness for the game. Be sure to look out for India Grey's contribution.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link Michelle - I have made a note to look out for that. :-)

India said...

Ahh-- thanks Michelle! (for some reason my computer wouldn't stay connected long enough for me to comment here yesterday!)

I didn't know you played rugby-- you brave woman! For me it's entirely a spectator sport.(Though my attention tends to wander from the game itself on occasion...)