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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Boss and me

I have been a Bruce Springsteen fan since 1980 when my brother brought a copy of The River home from university. So it was no surprise that my lovely husband went out yesterday and bought the newly released Burce Springsteen -- Working on a Dream for my birthday. Neither should it be a surprise that I put it on. But for a number of reasons, I did not get to the end and had to keep stopping the cd. Neither had I looked at the words as I wanted to hear the music all the way to the end before concentrating on the lyrics. The cd was sealed and as far as I know my husband had not looked at the lyrics either or had listen until the end. Finally my husband sat me down and said 'Listen to it, you know you want to. It is your birthday. Indulge.'
He went off to get me a glass of wine and I started from where I had left off. My husband handed me a glass of wine just as the song Surprise, Surprise started its first verse. The words go: Today is your birthday, we have travelled so far we two. So let's blow out the candles on your cake and we'll raise a glass or two. I am afraid I nearly spilt my wine -- surprised doesn't even come into it. Totally shocked.

My husband was absolutely thrilled as he could not have planned it better. He swears that he had no idea. And the look of disbelief on his face was priceless. He grabbed the pamphlet out of my hands just to double check we had not misheard the words.

But it was a wonderful gift and the timing was fabulous.

The rest of the album is good, but for obvious reasons, Surprise, Surprise is my current favourite.


Nell Dixon said...

Love Springsteen. I have three tracks on my playlist for writing Crystal Clear - Waiting on a sunny day and girls in their summer clothes and radio nowhere.

Biddy said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Julie Cohen said...

That is brilliant. Happy birthday! I'm glad you had a good time full of love and surprises.

Kate Hardy said...

How appropriate! Glad you had a nice day.

Michelle Styles said...

Nell -- so glad you are a fellow Springsteen fan.

Thank you Julie and Biddy for the birthday wishes.

Yes, Kate, the day was full of surprises and nice things just the way a birthday should be.