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Sunday, January 11, 2009

reader feedback

I was very pleased to discover in my post yesterday morning an email from Coffeetime Romance about Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife. I have a lot of time for Coffeetime and their policy (along with several other review places) of sending the author the review is a good one. It makes it easier for me to send the review to my editors. The part that did my ego good was: Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife has all the greatness that surrounds an excellent read. The dynamic characters really light up the pages with their actions and emotions – reaching out and grabbing the reader, pulling them into the drama. Michelle Styles pens a terrific mesmerizing tale. Sela is a powerful character who grows more forceful as the story continues. With great pacing, a star-studded cast, and well-crafted plot, this story is awesome. There were times I could visualize the whole events as they came into play, especially the scenes with Sela and Vikar. Weaving in the ailing father, and the small child, really made this story dynamite. Action-packed, with intriguing romance, and energy charged moments, left this reader wanting more of this dazzling read..

I also recently had a review from Merri about Gladiator's Honour. Again it made my day and made me remember why I loved writing that book. Merri has recently started another review hub -- Book Illuminations. It is the bring together of several independent book reviewers so that they can review a wider range of books. I wish them all the best in their endeavor.

I love getting reader feedback. It is great to know that there are readers out there enjoying my books. I always try to pass on the reader feedback to my editors as well as they are always interested. With series books, a certain amount of sales are automatic, and they do like to know which stories hit home etc. It helps with future marketing. In fact, Harlequin Mills &Boon maintains special panels of readers in order to get feedback and so they can market the books better.
Sometimes after reading the letters, I worry about the next book -- will it be strong enough. Will it give the read that readers expect when they pick up the book? Will they be able to escape in the world I have created for a few hours? And the letters do spur me on to try. Other times, I just bask in the fact that the hard work has paid off. Also I am not so egotistical to think that my books will speak to everyone. So many factors can go into whether or not a book appeals. It is also interesting to see what people pick up on...
Anyway I do always to try answer emails or even personal letters.

The problem with the electric has come back and I will have to get the electrician out again. This time, the hall lights have not blown, but they do keep blowing the mains if switched on. Rather worrying that.

And I am starting to lose weight again. It takes a long time but indoor rowing does work, plus we have not been having as many treats. It is all about lifestyle changes rather than dieting. One of the things I have been doing with the intervals is one quick interval followed by a slower one. It does make legs become jelly but I think it works. Apparently it burns two different types of sugar. The other good thing about rowing is that afterwards, my core temperature stays up for awhile and as we are in the dark cold days of winter, this is a bonus.


Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle - congrats on the Coffeetime Romance review as well as RomanceReaders at Heart review for Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife and The Roman's Virgin Mistress respectively. Personally I loved all your "Romans" especially Gladiator's Honour and the Roman's Virgin Mistress.

It's interesting about "Romans" though as I submitted a "Roman" to the NWS last year and got good feedback except for a bit about the fact that HM&B find them a "hard sell" much preferring Regency romances! Personally I've always preferred Romans/Vikings historicals having being bitten by the bug many years ago when I read a suberb Roman by Lyn Bartlett and an equally good Viking by Johanna Lindsey. But as they say - "ones man (or womans) meat is another mans poison"!

Any new Romans or Vikings on the horizon? Regards. Caroline.

Michelle Styles said...

Caroline --

Romans are a harder sell, but that does not mean an impossible sell. It just means they have to be excellent as there are very slots for them.
There are also now several more publishers who are willing to look at Romans as well. I believe DOrchester might as well as Kensington.
Romans have done well around the world. I got my Greek copies for S&S yesterday. All my Romans have gone into Greek.
Vikings have done very well for HH btw. They are an easier sell as there is quite an appetite for them in the North American market.
I am waiting to hear on my latest Viking.So yes, hopefully that is on the horizon.
I know Joanna Fulford's debut novel for HH is a Viking and out next month. Michelle Willingham has written a Viking undone that did well.
As for Romans, I am enjoying writing Regency/Victorian and Viking.