Friday, July 22, 2011

Update on lymphoedema and my writer's bottom

Last week, the physio visited (I had the wrong day down)  and did her measurements. Although I had my bandage on when she arrived, I will admit to getting slack about my bandages. However, it showed. ( some thickening in the left arm, Michelle said with a shake of her head) The physio is quite relaxed about the whole thing and said it meant I was starting to accept the condition more. She gently pointed out that I should be wearing the compression bandages while I type or do exercise because I am actively moving muscles in my arm.  Typing does cause my arm to be held in one position for a long time.

So it is back to wearing the bandages almost all the time. And I can see a difference. In the mornings, my wedding ring is wedged solidly on. After a few hours of wearing the bandages, I can move it.

I am also now wearing the bandage when I do my exercising dvds.
However I have also discovered that I can wash them in the washing machine and use the dryer. They do retain their shape. It means they are getting clean. Handwashing (manfacturer's rec) was just not doing it.

The important thing is that I have thus far avoided serious infection. It is the pooling of the lymph and the opportunities it presents for cellulitus that is the real worry with lymph oedemia.

With exercising, I noticed after the RWA, the waist bands of several garments were tight.  Wearing something with a fixed waist is better than an elastic waist band -- it gives instant feedback and is less forgiving.  It meant I went back to the Jillian Michaels Burn Fat. Boost Metabolism and really have worked hard.  If you want to lose the fat, you have to sweat and burn calories. The 10 minute solution total body one is also good. Things are improving again. But it was that early warning of the waist band which provided the wake up call.

The rain lingers but not as heavy. It did rain on St Swithin's Day and that generally means more rain. It has to do with how the Jet Stream moves.  No more flooding but Northumberland County Council have not cleared the highway drains...
The ducklings are growing and know which is their safe house now.
And I am working away on my wip. The deadline is 1 September but I want it finished by 16 August as that is when my eldest returns home. (To say that I am excited about the prospect is an understatement)


Caroline said...

Fingers crossed that you get your WIP done in time to enjoy the rest of the month with your family. Caroline x

Carol Warham said...

Take care with this and WEAR your bandages. My daughter had cellulitis and it was extremely nasty.
Good luck with the exercising and enjoy the holidays