Friday, July 29, 2011

Finding Inspiration to Keep Going

As everyone knows I am currently attempting to get my writer's bottom under control. I have come a long way but still have further to go. And everyone needs inspiration some days. My inspiration this week comes from the fabulous Angi Morgan who wrote about her journey on the Healthy Writer's Blog -- 99 lbs in about 9 months (plus coming off five serious medications). I had the privilege of meeting Angi at this year's RWA.  It floored me when I realised how much weight she has lost. It is one of those things -- people who didn't know you before  do not have anything to judge you by. Given her vibrant personality, I thought she must have been one of those people who are just naturally thin and beautiful. Or if she worked out, it was because she always had done so. The bottom line was that she looked great because she worked hard. And she continues to work hard.
Being fit is not a get down to that weight by starvation thing and suddenly you will always be there. It is about working hard. After a certain age, you do have to work at it and you have to keep working at it. This is why I prefer exercise and healthy eating to hugely restrictive diets. It may take longer but it has become a life style rather than a regime. Moderation.
It also has to come from within. Something hits you between the eyes and you and you alone take responsibility and make the changes necessary.
So if you need some inspiration to get you started on your journey to looking fab or to keep you going, read Angi's story. It is never easy but it is worth it!

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