Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Newsletter and contest

My July newsletter has finally gone out! It has its usual contest for a copy of my latest.
The big news is that Harlequin Historical is going to simultaneous publication in the US and the UK. This means my books will be out at the same time! Hooray.
HOWEVER, 3 of my books will be going as digital exclusives in the North American market (dates to be confirmed but before May 2012) -- Compromising Miss Milton, Breaking the Governess's Rules and To Marry A Matchmaker. I shall be doing a FREE prequel to Compromising Miss Milton which will be available wherever ebooks are sold. Harlequin is supporting me in this and my very lovely editor has agreed to edit the short novella. While I would have loved the books to have print editions in the US, I have decided to be really excited about the challenge and to embrace the opportunities this change presents. The digital revolution is really gathering pace and it is great to be in the forefront.
If you want a print edition of one of those three books, I recommend getting the UK version. New copies of Compromising Miss Milton are hard to come by. In fact, I don't have any personally. My editor is working on getting me a few copies for giveaways when it is released as an ebook.  New copies of Breaking the Governess's Rules and To Marry A Matchmaker are easy to come by. The best place to get copies if you live in the US is The Book Depository (  as they do free worldwide shipping. Mills and Boon does flat rate shipping and then there is or
A number of other UK first Harlequin Historical authors are also caught up in this, so you would need to check if they are going to be digital exclusive or not. This is so the inventory can be caught up. In the UK, unreleased US first books will be going as special 2 in 1 books. Again check your favourite Mills and Boon Historical author's website to see what is happening!!!!
When Ben and Eleanor comes out (sometime after May 2012), it will be going as print and digital in both markets at the same time. Once I know the dates, I will let people know. And this will be true of all my future books as well.

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Thanks for letting folks know about what to avoid buying from the RWA recordings. Your blog is very helpful and any time you post on eharlequin, your advice is always reasonable and sound. Thanks for what you do!