Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The four ducklings have settled into their life in the pen. However, I had forgotten how troublesome ducklings can be.
They are supposed to go into the apex house to sleep as none other ducks are using that house at the moment. The mother duck keeps forgetting so my youngest and I have to catch her with the fishing net, put her in and then catch the ducklings.
This is all accomplished in the evening gloom.
It is made more difficult by the fact that the pen is covered in netting and it has to be done in a crouch.

After capture, we close up that duck house and open the other two duck houses, unblock the route into the pen the grown ducks like to use and release Hardy and Tess to help with the round up. In the morning the process is reversed.

The ducklings have to be checked several times a day for food, water and escape potential. Yesterday my youngest had to play rescue duckling as several had escaped into the stream. The mother duck couldn't get out, but the ducklings could and did. They chirped loudly but kept wriggling away from my youngest. That route has now been blocked.
But ducks are not the brightest creatures...

By the time, my eldest gets home, the ducklings will have fledged and the entire palaver can be forgotten until the next time...

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