Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekly reshaping my writer's bottom line

It is really easy not to push harder. This is true  of my writing as well as my working out. One thing I have learnt this week is to keep pushing. I can drive myself harder and not faint! I may dissolve in a puddle or be marinated by the time I am done but I don't die. Not even close!
In this weird sort of way, it is enjoyable. The pounds are not melting off but I can feel myself getting stronger.
My measurements continue to improve. Not as dramatically but slow and steady. I happened to look at the measurements in the Land's End catalogue and was surprised to discover that a UK 14 is now a US 10! Clothing sizes have definitely become bigger in the US. For example, I have a skirt from the early 80s with a Land's End size 14 label. It barely fits. If I went for a current size 14 US Lands End, it would be way too big. (I know this as some of the clothes I discarded were Lands End). I also looked at the measurements.
It is funny you get used to thinking of yourself as a certain size and then you realise that your perceptions were all wrong.
Anyway, it is all about what fits now. And I can understand why I might eventually be a US size 6 (UK 10)...which would be odd to say the least. The measurements for that size are: Bust -- 35, Waist 28 Hip 38. My current ones are B-- 38, w --29 1/2. hips 39. It is my target now. When I started back in August my measurements were bust 45, waist 39, hips 48. So I have come a long way but still have some ways to go.

With my writing, it is about pushing and not taking the easy route. My editor believes that I am capable of so much more. Funny that! It is about putting the emotion I feel down on the page rather than hugging it to my person.

The Girls Night In at the Wellwood pub went well. I am not sure if it was the large glasses of wine that were served, but after we had finished, the entire audience of about 17+ stuck around, chatting and buying books. I forgot my camera but Janet MacLeod Trotter had hers and promised some photos.


Julie Cohen said...

You're doing so well! Keep on going.

I agree, clothing sizes have definitely changed, in the US at least. I wear a smaller size in the US than I did when I was 18, and that is NOT because I'm smaller.

Michelle Styles said...


Yes they go on about how Marilyn Monroe was a size 12, BUT that was a late 1950s size 12. Her measurements were 37 - 23 -36 (according to the studio) 35-22-35 (according to her dressmaker). She wore 36 D bra. (Isn't the internet wonderful for looking up useless facts?)
That would make her a size 4/6 US now. 8/10 UK. She was 5' 5 1/2".

The sad part is once upon a time in my early 20s, my measurements were there on the studio side and I wasn't content. There was always 10 lbs more I could lose...

Marguerite Kaye said...

Michelle, I am so impressed by your sticking at it, most people abandon their new year's resolutions some time in January, it says immense amounts about your resolution that you're still hanging in. Respect!

I know what you mean about sizes. Looking at some Vogue paper patterns my mum gave me for 'new look' dresses from the Fifties, the waists for a size twelve are about 20 inches. My mum has a dress from that time that has an 18 inch waist! How did they do that without pilates or shredding, I'd like to know.

Rula Sinara said...

You're an inspiration, Michelle!

I totally agree that sizes have changed over the years. I too have things in my closet that don't fit, yet they're the same 'size' as items I bought recently.

Nell Dixon said...

You are doing so well! 10 inches from your hips, wow -