Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Emotional Eating because of characters

This week on reshaping my writer's bottom line I learnt that in times of trauma and stress for my characters, I am ever likely to mindlessly graze and over eat. I have cornered the market on tissue but what shocked me was that suddenly I was finding excuses to eat.
I knew that I get wrapped up in my characters' lives but seriously? Does this happen to other writers?
The real heavy lifting of emotional trauma has been done. So hopefully my eating will revert to normal. Sometimes though it is interesting to discover patterns. It is what to do about it. I suspect exercise more...and refuse to mindless graze even when your heroine's life has totally collasped!

I am doing my Jillian Michaels dvds in rotation -- though I have tweaked it a bit and am switching them each day. I have also gone back to level 1 of the Six Week 6 Pack with heavier weights as that is where  a lot of the sculpting takes place. Interestingly, it is  SO much easier in ways and I could do side planks with twists. I was, however, marinated by the end. I really found I could push it far more during the cardio and I made sure that I was doing the advanced version -- spider planks with push up for instance. I was capable of more than I realised.

And with my wip, I am capable of more than I realise.


Christy Olesen said...

For me, it's Editing Eating. Writing I'm ok, but when I'm editing I'm always popping up to find something to nibble. Maybe it's a left brain/ right brain thing. Or an evasive action/ procrastination thing.
I just bought a Jillian Michaels DVD -You've inspired me to actually do it.
P.S. Love the cover in The Viking's Captive Princess!

Michelle Styles said...

Christy --
With editing, I suppose because I know about the mindless grazing, I can control it. I was just surprised how emotionally involved I was. I started going for far sweeter things...
With the Jillian Michaels -- don't be proud, start at the beginner and work up. Consistency helps. But I find her very motivational.

And thanks for loving the cover of VCP. I need put up my latest cover for To Marry a Matchmaker which I really like.