Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trying a another Jillian Michaels dvd

Belatedly I realised that Banish Fat Boost Metabolism was a companion dvd to No More Trouble Zones. So I have purchased No More Trouble Zones which is the sculpting or strengthening part of her programme.
6 week 6 pack targets the abs. BFBM is ALL cardio (and no weights) 30 Day shred is short (20 minutes) but combines all 3 for a killer workout. Anyway I can do things in a rotation now. 3 days per dvd and can schedule rest days as and when they crop up. If I have less time, I can do the 30 day Shred.
No More Trouble Zones involves weights. It is mainly concerned with arms, hips, bum and thighs. Being a Jillian Michaels dvd, it has a few killer moves. The Surrender is akin to torture. And I still do not like side plank lifts. She suggests using lighter weights, because well you are trying to shred and tone rather than build up bulk muscle. Plus your arms know about it. Have I mentioned the Surrender? I wanted to die!
By the end of the 55 minutes, I was sweating but not as much as BFBM or the level 2 6 week 6 pack. However everything also ached. One would think after doing these other dvds that I wouldn't have sore arms or legs...uh no. I suspect as I get used to the moves, I will be able to work harder and really push. Change happens when you really push hard. JilThis reshaping has not stopped. I am enjoying the after workout buzz too much.

My daughter found Woman in Fashion at the Lit and Phil -- it had been wrongly shelved. I happened to re-read Moore's exposition on waists. The cut of a dress can effect how big your waist appears by up to ten inches. The three governing principles are 1. contrast -- for example  shoulder pads or in the case of the 19th century a bustle or flowing train will make your waist look slimmer. 2. trimmings and decoration to carry the eye away from the waist and help camouflage less than slender figures. 3. Delusive focus which works the best. Basically by means of folds and emphatic converging lines, the eye is drawn to the centre point where there will be a point, buckle or ornament which takes attention away from the width.
I have taken to wearing a belt with my jeans making sure that my shirt is tucked in and the folds go towards the centre. It does work to a certain extent. My husband suddenly -- oh you have really lost weight!
Moore's theory about shifting waistlines and loose flowing gowns is that it shows the status of mature women in society. The Regency period and the 1920s were particularly favourable to fashionable women above 30 and waist lines were not emphasized.
And finally she pointed that the correct under pinning does much to support a figure. The correctly fitted bra and corset (or in 2011 magic knickers) can make all the difference!
I note in the coverage of Liz Taylor's death, there are a few comments about how she knew the angles at which she should be photographed. A good camera angle can help as well. KNowing how to hold your body -- shoulders back, chest out, head up etc can make a difference.
But it does start with SWEAT and working at it.

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LP King said...

You'll always still hurt Michelle -- you'll just accept that it's necessary to keep improving. The body gets lazy and accustomed to the workload, so you have to keep upping the ante. Does Michaels have a stretching/recovery DVD or book that you can use to learn how to reduce the discomfort? (I find stretching and self-massage techniques e.g. releasing sore points by pressing a lacrosse or baseball into them, can really help.)