Thursday, November 25, 2010

US cover for Impoverish Miss, Convenient Wife

The cover for the US edition of Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife is now up on eharlequin. It is the same picture as the UK edition. I happen to like it.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I have my Christmas carols on and am doing the Thanksgiving dinner for tonight. It is one of the US traditions that I insisted we keep when I moved to the UK. There is always a lot of be thankful for.
My health, my family's health, having a roof over our heads and the fact that I get to write stories that I love. I am blessed with my family and friends -- both old and new.


Caroline said...

Hope you, and your family, had a great Thanks Giving Day. Caroline x

Anonymous said...

Its great to hear that you still celebrate Thanksgiving. I hope you had a blessed day!

Coaldale, PA