Monday, November 22, 2010

Chapter 2 of His Stand In Bride

Chapter 2 of His Stand In Bride is up.  I would be interested to hear what you think.

The first stage of my mentor contest is now closed. Any hook paragraphs now submitted will not read or commented on.

I will send out little critiques by the end of this week to everyone who entered as well as letting the five people who get their first 3 chapters critiqued know.  As I am also working on my revisions, I thank everyone for their patience.

Many thanks to all who took the time to enter. Every single one of you has talent and it is how you best showcase that talent which is the important factor.


LindseyHughes said...

I'm right in that locked room with Anne and Jason feeling everything that they feel and then just as they both become my new best friends, I have to wait until next week to know them further.

No way! Can't cope with that level of frustration, will wait until all Chapters are up and then read right through instead.

Suspect I have a preference for full and total emersion rather than a bite-sized dunking.

Can't wait 'til all chaps are uploaded!

LauraC said...

Did yo get loads of entries Michelle? I didn't enter this time but wondering how many did.

Caroline said...

Ohhh I loved the latest installment of "His Stand In Bride", it's getting very interesting between Anne and Jason isn't it? Caroline x