Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Newsletter and Hook Paragraph contest

My newsletter went out yesterday with details of my  Hook Paragraph contest...It is ONLY for my newsletter subscribers. My newsletter is free but I do like to reward them.

Trenda emailed and asked if this contest was open to published authors. My only stipulation is that people are newsletter subscribers. In the normal course of events, I would expect pubilshed authors to be working with their editors. However, I do understand some people sell to very small press and wish to see if they can improve...I would emphasize - -I am only an author and as it is MY contest, it is MY choice.

  Loads of things in this business are subjective. I learnt that in the last year when I changed editors and suddenly could understand some of the things I had been doing wrong. It can be the way people put them.

The desire to write shows you have talent. How you utilise that talent is up to you.
I heard neil Diamond speak on Jools Holland recently  and he was asked how anyone becomes a song writer these days . He said -- Same as it always has been -- passion and persistence.

Alice Cooper was also on the show. Alice Cooper is still touring. Apparently Halloween is quite big  for him. He and his band rehearse 10 hours a day. 2 hours on the theatrics and 8 hours on the music. And he is utterly passionate about the music. He agreed with Neil Diamond -- passion and persistence.

 With romance wiritng, the same principles apply -- you need to be passionate and persistent. In other words, desire, dedication, determination and discipline. You have to be ready for the Luck.


Elissa Graham said...

Passion and Persistence - it sounds like a newly discovered Jane Austen novel! But you (and Neil and Alice) are right.

Patience and Planning are the other two pillars for success (I believe). All great attributes for a successful writer :)

Caroline said...

Looking forward to "pitching" - off now to try and get it right! Caroline x