Monday, November 01, 2010

Made my deadline

I have sent the full of my Sinai one off to my very lovely editor for her thoughts. I expect revisions as I firmly believe that every manuscript can be made better with an editor's eye.  I do really believe in this story and think that once it is done, it is going to be absolutely fab.

One thing that was different about this book is that I finished it several thousand words short. By the time I had done the edits, I had add an extra 10k to the story. If I had made that word count in the first place, I would have been cutting furiously. So it is a lesson for me. I actually found this to be true of the Online Serial as well. I finished under the word count and trusted myself to layer in the emotion etc that was in my head and not on the page.

I will get my newsletter out in the next day or so and have decided it will be a pitch type contest (ie the middle paragraph of the query letter). I promise to comment on all entries... More in the newsletter...

Both A Question of Impropriety ( on eharlequin) and  The Viking's Captive Princess (on Mills & Boon) are on sale today. You can browse The Viking's Captive Princess here  and read the first chapter of A Question of Impropriety here.


Caroline said...

Yay on meeting your deadline. Now let out a bigh *sigh* of relief! Caroline x

Nas said...

Congrats on meeting your deadline. And for us also that's a lesson that we can go back and layer to make the word count. And not to stress when we don't reach the word count the first time.

LauraC said...

A query letter contest sounds good. Is it for anyone? (as long as they are on your newsletter list) Any rules about who can enter?

Laura A.