Monday, March 22, 2010


Mr Darcy has taken to trying to catch shadows by climbing the walls. He has not figured out that he can only go up so far and then fall. Heathcliff spends much of his time watching out the windows, calling to the birds.
This morning Heathcliff found a bell which he rang precisely at 6 am. Annoying as I had not set the alarm clock and had hoped to sleep in. However given that sort of treatment, I rose and fed the kittens. The bell will be removed. It does make we wonder if kittens were behind the alarm clock suddenly going off a half hour earlier the other day. I could not figure out how the time had changed.

My eldest arrived home on Friday and remarked at how much like cats they now look. And how big they have grown. He also thought the collies have grown. I thought he looked thinner. Mothers are allowed to have such thoughts and to worry.

I am getting ready to go to Egypt at the end of the week. Sharm el Sheikh and Sinai Peninsula. Warmth was required when the holiday was booked. We are hoping to visit St Catherine's Monestary and Mt Sinai. St Catherine's supposedly marks the spot where Moses encountered the burning bush...My eldest is looking after the house.


Nicola Cornick said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip, Michelle. I've never been to Egypt but enjoyed a trip to Jordan very much. And the thought of warmth is very appealing at the moment!

Carol Townend said...

Oh, St Catherine's Monastery - have always wanted to go there! Have a marvellous time and TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!! At least the kittens won't be able to wake you up when you are there ;)

Michelle Styles said...

Nicola -- I do so want to go to Jordan. It is on my wish list.

Carol -- I will take pictures. I think people normally get up about 4:30 am to go to St Catherine's as then you get the sunrise!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a new reader of your blog and just had to comment. I love that you have a kitten called Mr. Darcy, it's s good thing he'll never meet my mr. Darcy though, as he is a gerbil (along with his brother captain wentworth)