Thursday, March 18, 2010


I can tell I need to write. I am starting to become irritable and obsessed by small things, things which are never going to make it into my book.

For example:
The ravens at the Tower of London are there under Charles II's decree because of the legend about Bran's head being buried under the White Tower and if the ravens go, then the kingdom of England will fall.
As Charles II was the Restoration monarch and had been minded to get rid of the ravens because of the birds interfering with the Royal Observatory. Once he was reminded of the legend of Bran's head, he changed his mind. Bran is an ancient name for raven.
However, he obviously did not understand the second part of the story.
According to legend, Bran the son of Llyr (and an early god of the Britons) died in Ireland and his head remained uncorrupted for 87 years. His men stopped off in several isles and had a great time as the head was still talking. When it started to decay, the head was buried in London (popularly assumed to be Tower Hill) facing France as that was where all the enemies would be coming from. And as long as Bran's head was there, England would be safe. Later, King Arthur dug up the head, disposed of it and stated that hereafter valour alone would defend England.

Also I keep thinking about Lloyd Alexander and Tolkien. Alexander drew far more heavily on the traditions of ancient British mythology in particular Mabinogion for his Chronicles of Prydain. Tolkien is far more Scando. But Alexander does subvert it, using the names but not the traditions. So it is a bit in Alice in Wonderland when reading the Mabiogion.

It does not matter but I have spent time this morning searching.

I just need to start the ms and become obsessed by that.


Nell Dixon said...

Hugs, I'm obsessed with Roundhead's, spirit traps and what makes floorboards rot at the moment while I'm working on my next project

Kaye Manro said...

lol, interesting and I do understand what you are going through. Obsessions can get bad. If I don't watch out, I can get so wrapped up that it takes over and the writing process stops.