Thursday, March 04, 2010

The sleeve and glove brigade

My compression sleeve and glove arrived today. The therapist showed me how to put them on. The glove goes under the sleeve and hopefully like a tube of toothpaste is squeezed from the bottom, the oedema fluid will go the correct way, rather than being squeezed into my hand.
I can type and suspect that I will not notice it much once I get used to it. My oedema is significant -- 47% in the fore arm so it will take some time. My upper arm is only 17% so not nearly as bad.
It is now simple exercise, compression and skin care.
My arm will get measured in a few weeks time.

In Hardy news:
Hardy was caught red pawed, nose in the fresh pasta bag my husband had left on the side. It does not matter how many times I tell everyone -- do not leave food unattended, we have dogs and cats. Certain people do not listen. Temptation can be a terrible thing when you are a dog...

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