Monday, March 08, 2010

10 things that make me happy

Maya sent me this cute award/meme first. I know several other people have been doing this.
And because everyone deserves a little more light and laughter in their life, here ten things that make me happy.
1. hearing my children's voices
2. kitten kisses and purrs
3. Border collie enthusiastic morning greetings
4. finishing a first draft
5. discovering a new author to read
6. going for walks with my husband
7. seeing that the snowdrops and winter aconites are out and spring is around the corner.
8. The first proper snowfall of winter and going sledding.
9. a cup of hot Earl Grey tea with milk in the early evening. Earl Grey is one of the first well being teas. It has to do with the bergamot.
10. hearing from friends.
And I am suposed to nominate 10 people but really having taken so long, I think lots have been nominated already. So if you would like to do the ten things and then tell me that you have done it so I can visit your blog, go right ahead . I always like finding out what makes everyone else happy.


Ju Dimello said...

Hi Michelle,

I also love reading the 10 things that make others happy :)

So thought I'll share mine as well, that I had posted sometime last week..

Happy reading :)

Julie Cohen said...

What a lovely list.

And now I will send you an email so that you will have an extra little number 10 today!

Caroline said...

Hi Michelle. Not got around to doing my "10" yet but just wanted to say that I've read quite a few in the past few days and one thing that struck me was that in almost all of them the things that make us happy are the *simple* things in life that don't cost money and are, in the main just small "family" things..How lovely. Caroline x