Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mice like peanut butter

Since putting out the lethal mouse trap baited with peanut butter yesterday afternoon, three mice have met their maker. Two yesterday evening, and then one found this morning.

All the poison has gone from the rat run and the two live catch traps. I should note here -- the poison is not able to be accessed by puppies or when they arrive the kittens -- it is why I am using the live catch traps and the rat run.

I have re-baited the lethal mouse trap with peanut butter. And have put more poison down. I am hopeful that they will just go back to their lair and die! The poison takes several doses.

After seeing the destruction they caused, both in the house and then last March having lost two bee colonies to mice, I feel no pity for them.

This is war!

And soon the ultimate in mouse destruction technology will arrive...the kittens!


Judy Jarvie said...

I came across the irresistablity of peanut butter when the pest controller baited a squirrel trap with it! It really worked and very quickly. Never realised it was so potent before. jx Oooh kittens (I'm most jealous)

Anonymous said...

War indeed. There must be some tiny gap in a skirting etc that they are using to find a way in.
I used to swear by rat bait until it worked TOO well and it took a couple of weeks for the nasty smell to tell us that the nest was under the floorboards.Ugh.
Best of luck. :-)

Liz Fielding said...

Total sympathy on the mice, Michelle. Been there, done that. Kittens? Oooo...

Rachel said...

Agree with you on the war front too, Michelle. Last year our dose of vermin had quite a liking for poppodoms, house alarm wiring and my antique tablecloths!

Hurrah for the felines!


Michelle Styles said...

It is comforting in an odd sort of way to know that others have suffered and perserved.
The current tally is 5 exterminated mice. This is from a single mouse trap so I think that peanut butter must be pretty powerful stuff.

Janet Ch said...

Can mice smell cats? Just wondering if just the smell of a cat will send mice looking for a new home. We have mice in our garage. (They were attracted by my husband's fishing bait) but I hate killing them.

Caroline said...

Glad to see that you are winning the "war". Bring on the cats! Take care. Caroline x

Donna Alward said...

Peanut butter works great because they can't get it off the trap. It's our method of choice.

When we had a similar problem with birdseed last year (in the garage) I think we had 2 traps in there and we caught over a dozen mice. Then we caught more in the basement. We looked at every nook and cranny as well as securing birdseed in sealed buckets this year, let me tell you!

Unknown said...



Two great blog posts re consistency and tastes that are good to Mice! Happy Hunting

Mrs M said...

I tried peanut butter once but it didn't work - think it was because it was the no added sugar stuff! Chocolate truffles however work a treat I found a mouse eating one and it was so engrossed in the yumminess that it didn't notice me put a glass over it to capture it. When I set it free, it was covered in chocolate and seems very reluctant to go!