Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mice in the basement

I discovered late on Friday when I finally got around to getting the Christmas decorations out that we had mice in the basement. They were enticed there by my youngest storing bird seed. Bird seed and mouse droppings mingled. All the stockings had to be washed. Several hand made decorations from long ago Christmases had to be tossed.
What is worse the mice had made nests in several boxes of clothes and old papers. I had carefully stored stuffed animals, dresses I had made for my daughter when she was little and boxes of letters from when my husband and I were at university. Most are beyond repair and have been tossed. I was in tears. Some were beloved stuffed animals and I had spent hours smocking a pinafore for my daughter, only to have it shredded. The children's books were covered in mouse droppings...I did manage to save a few letters and cards though.
I shall have to get some more rat poison and put it down there as I am unconvinced that the mice are gone.

My youngest when he gets back from his boy scout camp will have some explaining to do!


Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Michelle - that's so upsetting when something like that happens. Glad you managed to save some things.

Olliegami said...

I just wandered by your journal (you know by the 'next blog' button) and I have to say that I feel really bad for you. It's so horrible to have something like that happen.

Michelle Styles said...

Thank you both for your sympathy.

It was fairly shocking. The worst was seeing the clothes I had sewed for the children chewed and utterly destroyed.

The mouse traps are now down.

Caroline said...

Hugs Michelle - like Kate said it is so upsetting to lose treasured possessions. Mice are horrible little things; and they are so destructive. Take care. Caroline x

Nell Dixon said...

Mice are horrid destructive creatures. I'm so sorry you lost precious things.